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Ever wondered if diet and lifestyle changes could help you? ‚ÄčIf so, you've come to the right place. I am passionate about using the latest advances in science and nutrition to help support the body in maintaining good health and heal from within. To achieve this goal and reach as many people as possible I decided to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist and start my own consultancy.

I only have one question for you: Are you ready to take control of your health?

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"I used to have significant digestive problems (IBS) , and it even made finding a job difficult due to my health. After following the advice I was given it put me on the road to recovery and I'm almost normal now but I do have to watch what I eat, which is to be expected. I'm a firm believer that the body can heal itself if it's given a chance. I would recommend getting in touch with Kas to see if his advice could help you." - A.M, Sydney, Australia

"I used to suffer from regular throat infections (strep throat) but after following the simple advice I was given it has become a rarity, and I no longer use antibiotics, which I'm very happy about." - V.D. Macduff, Scotland

"I had a persistent cough for almost 2 months, but after trying the simple remedy Kas recommended it was gone by the next day! I couldn't believe it." - D.D. Banff, Scotland

"After trying the supplement recommendations I rarely get cold sores anymore, and if I do they are nowhere near as bad as they used to be. I now always make sure I have a supply with me when I go on holiday." - M.T. Huntly, Scotland

"Being a long term sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis I was willing to try almost anything to help my symptoms. I changed my diet a little after speaking with Kas and I definitely felt it helped." D.D. Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I suffer from high blood pressure (initial reading was over 190) so I was put on medication but they didn't agree with me and had to try some others. I also tried the supplement recommendation in addition to my prescription medication, and my recent results were the lowest they've been for years (about 140). The nurse was very happy with me." J.W. Banffshire, Scotland

"I spoke to Kas about a long term problem I'd been having with digestion. After meals, regardless of how light or heavy, I would feel bloated and uncomfortable. I was recommended supplements which I could take before my meal. This made a huge and immediate difference and I felt much better. I was made aware of a range of different brands and options to choose from, and he also checked back in with me to ensure that his advice was still working. Very helpful and I feel more able to eat freely." L.B. - Morayshire, Scotland

"I suffer from sudden upset stomachs (diarrhoea), which can be very inconvenient at times. I tried the advice I was given and I noticed a big difference and also felt I had more energy. I have even told several of my friends about it as digestive problems seem to be quite common" M.M. Whitehills, Scotland

"I have been diagnosed with IBS for over 40yrs and been on medications (e.g. Mebeverine) ever since. However, most days I would still get stomach cramps. Kas advised I try some natural supplements to strengthen my digestion and within 3 weeks my stomach cramps had gone! I felt so much better I stopped my prescription medication and still no stomach cramps. I now only take the supplement now and again, and I still feel fine. I'm very happy with the result." M.W. Gamrie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I suffer from COPD and in the mornings I would wake up and have to spend time clearing and soothing my throat which was not pleasant. I was recommended to try an inhaler product and I felt an improvement so I bought a dedicated machine to use overnight whilst I slept and now when I wake up my throat is so much better. This has definitely made a big difference to my life." I.M. Macduff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I had a gallbladder operation about 8 years ago and soon after I developed stomach problems which was eventually diagnosed as IBS. I was put on mebeverine and omeprazole to help, but I still had regular issues. Kas suggested a simple supplement and I noticed a difference but I still continued my medications just in case. After a while I felt better so I then decided to stop my medications and just keep the supplement and I had no problems whatsoever. It's been a year and I'm still fine. I also told my consultant and friends who have similar issues about this and it has also helped them. Thank you." S.W. Macduff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"When menopause started the big problem I experienced was night sweats on most nights. It was not pleasant and was badly affecting my sleep. I was recommended to try a simple change in my daily diet and after about 3-4 weeks I noticed a big improvement. By 6-8 weeks it had gone completely. I am also pretty sure it was down to this change because when I stopped my symptoms would come back. This result also led me to make other positive changes to my diet which have also helped me. Thank you." S.J. Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I have been diagnosed with ulcerative cholitis, irritable bowel syndrome and gallstones. I was recommended to modify my diet and I didn't think it would make much difference but as I made the changes I noticed my symptoms were getting less. I then went for a check-up and I was told my gallstones were less which I was happy about. I kept at it, gradually improving my diet and I kept feeling better. I also noticed I could handle certain foods like broccoli whereas I couldn't before. Now, my UC/IBS doesn't bother me and I'm hopeful it will stay that way!" N.B. Banffshire, Scotland

"I had my prostate removed due to cancer in 2012. My PSA was good for the next 5 years but it started to go up. Kas recommended a simple change to my diet and 10 weeks later my PSA had returned to normal. Then 7 months later I was discharged from the urology cancer clinic as all my results were normal. Thank you so much." B.C. Banffshire, Scotland

"I suffer from IBS and I've tried changing my diet to help, including going gluten free and whilst that did help somewhat I was still getting issues. Kas advised me about a simple test I could do and other changes and once I incorporated those into my diet I noticed a significant improvement. I much prefer going down the natural route so I'm happy that it helped." M.W. Banffshire, Scotland

"I was diagnosed with asthma and had to use a daily inhaler. I was recommended a supplement and looked into possible dietary intolerances and modified my diet accordingly. I think both of these things helped as I rarely use my inhaler now and my asthma has been downgraded to 'mild'. Thank you." S.M., Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I was suffering badly from almost daily migraines for a few months, which also left me in an irritable mood and poor focus during the day. After speaking with Kas we thought it could be hormone related due to me also going through menopause so he advised two things for me to try and the result was instant! Migraines were gone the next day and haven't returned. I also told my friends who were also going through the menopause symptoms and it also worked for 4 out of 5 of them. My focus and mood is much better which my kids and partner are pleased about!" W.B, Macduff, Scotland

"I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and put on medication but I continued to have problems most days. On a few occasions it was so bad I had to be hospitalised. The last time I was at the hospital the Dr told me if it happened again I may need to consider a bowel operation which would have meant having a colostomy bag. I dreaded the thought of that. Kas suggested a simple and cheap supplement I could try and after a few weeks I noticed significant improvement and it kept getting better so I stopped my medication and it's been a few months and still no symptoms! I am very happy with the result." B.C., Macduff, Scotland

"I suffered from IBS for about 10 years, was put on medication but still had stomach cramps regularly and very infrequent bowel movements (1-2 times per week on average). After a discussion with Kas he suggested I try two simple supplements and within weeks my symptoms were gone and my bowel movements returned to normal." B.T., Banff, Scotland

"I had been getting regular tingling/pain in my hands/wrists with weakened grip strength for a few years, gradually getting worse and was eventually diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome. I was offered surgery but this got delayed due to the pandemic. Kas recommended a simple exercise to try and within 2 weeks I noticed a big improvement. It kept getting better on its own even after I stopped the exercises and now I only get those same feelings once in a while." N.Y. Whitehills, Scotland

"I suffer from menstrual migraines which can last a few days. I would get severe headaches, physically sick and sometimes it was so bad I was bed bound. After speaking with Kas I changed my diet a little and added certain things in and now they are about 80% better, never get sick now and have managed to reduce the medication I was on by 2/3. My doctor was very surprised as not many come off the meds I'm on for this condition." M.F. Crudie, Aberdeenshire

"I was getting headaches often so I saw my Dr who thought my blood pressure was high so I was given a monitoring device for a week. My average reading was about 180 (top number: systolic) so it was quite high. I didn't want to take medication if I could avoid it so after speaking with Kas I decided to try the things we discussed and one month later it had dropped to about 130 and no more headaches. I was delighted and the Dr was happy also." M.T. Huntly, Scotland

Note: individual results may vary.